These Home Heating Mistakes Will Cost You This Winter

Mistake: Restricting Airflow Throughout Your Home

Heating or cooling your home is a simple math problem. How big is your space and how warm do you need to make it? Some homeowners mistakenly think that closing doors or heating vents in unused rooms will lower the total square footage that needs to be heated in the home making the entire system more efficient, but this is not true!

Home heating systems are designed to work with adequate airflow in the house. Closing doors and vents only increases air pressure in your ducts and rooms. This can damage ductwork causing leaks, and cause warm air escaping your home through your windows lowering the efficiency of the system as a whole. Your system is designed to evenly heat your home. Messing with airflow is inefficient and can cause damage to your system.

Mistake: Ignoring Drafts and Leaks

It’s very difficult to have an efficient home if there are leaks to the outside world. If the warm air your furnace is pumping out is only being replaced by cold air from outside, then your home will never reach the warm and cozy temperature you want. Your attic and basement are two areas that are very susceptible to forgotten air drafts. You don’t need to worry about sealing every crack or gap, but you should definitely take care of any larger holes you see. Doing so can translate to substantial savings on your home heating bill.

Mistake: Dirty Filters and Vents

Clean ducts, filters, and vents can have a big impact on home heating. Most homeowners should have no trouble replacing their dirty air filters. Optimally, air filters should be switched out every month and never go more than three months without replacing them with a new one. Additionally, floor vents are easy to reach and easily fill with pet hair, food crumbs, and dust. Make opening and cleaning them a part of your cleaning routine. All of that gunk in your heating system affects your indoor air quality. It also makes it harder for warm air to pass through your ductwork and into your home where you need it.

Mistake: Using a Non-Programmable Thermostat

Implementing energy-efficient habits is difficult. You have so many other things to deal with in your daily life, it’s understandable if you accidentally forget to turn off lights in a room or lower your thermostat before you leave. Luckily, advances in technology can take some of this burden off of our shoulders. A programmable thermostat will allow your system to adjust to your schedule without you having to think about it. These can run you about $100, but can easily pay for themselves in time. A smart thermostat costs about twice as much but can connect to your smartphone allowing you control of your system from anywhere. These devices not only make your home more efficient, but they also make your home more comfortable, as well.

Mistake: Lack of Preventative Maintenance

In the field, we see so many HVAC problems that could have been prevented with maintenance. While the homeowner can do a lot to help efficiency if there is a problem developing in your system it can be impossible to overcome without a professional. We can take a look at your furnace or air conditioning, increase its efficiency and ensure that there are no growing issues with your system.

There are so many small ways to lower your monthly energy bill. You can make a huge difference with daily habits and small upgrades, but it is also vital to get your system serviced to ensure its long-term health.

The health of your HVAC system starts with you, but getting an HVAC professional to perform preventative maintenance is essential as well. Our technicians at Anderson Plumbing, Heating, & Electric can give your HVAC system the routine checkup in needs. Give us a call, we’re available 24/7 at (334) 231-6980.