What’s The Ideal Temperature for a Good Night’s Sleep?

The HVAC industry is a trade, but it’s also a bit of a science. We use everchanging technology to keep up with the demand of comfort in your own home. Of course, the best way to enjoy that comfort and enjoy everyday life is to get some good rest at night! We want to share some of our thoughts on the perfect sleeping temperature at night.

Science’s Answer

So, what does science say? Multiple studies have shown the importance of temperature on sleep patterns. The answer most of them seem to come to is that 68 degrees is the ideal sleeping temperature. That may seem a bit cold, but it all ties back to our natural cycles and rhythms. For millennia, humans have fallen asleep at night and awoken in the morning as many other animals do. Our brains have learned to associate the day with light, but also heat. If it’s too hot in your room at night, your body may start to think it’s time to wake up and cause you to not get as restful of a sleep as you would want.

The Real Answer

Now we don’t want to argue that we know more than science. This answer is really in response to the life experience we’ve all shared. So what’s the best sleeping temperature? The one that works best for you, of course!

Ultimately, one of the cool parts about the HVAC industry is that we give people the control to decide what’s best for them. If you like to be so cold that you have to wear jackets indoors, we want to provide you a system that can accomplish that goal. However, the science is thought-provoking. If you haven’t really thought about what temperature your bedroom should be at night, maybe do some experimenting of your own!

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