Home Heating Alternatives

Everyone has that one friend who walks outside in the middle of summer wearing jeans and a sweater even though it’s 90 degrees outside and the humidity is through the roof. Those people are the same ones who never seem to be warm enough, even when the heater is running on full blast.

When those friends come over o your house in the middle of the winter, it’s a good idea to have some heating alternatives on hand so they can stay somewhat comfortable. Keep reading for our favorite home heating alternatives.

Blanket Sweater

Have you ever heard of a blanket sweater? They are oversized sweatshirts made out of a blanket. What more could you ask for? These are perfect if you have activities planned around the house because they won’t have to keep adjusting the blanket the whole time.

Comfy Sweatshirt

Space Heater

Space heaters are great when you’re in a specific space for an extended time. We love to use space heaters under desks, next to beds, and more.

Just make sure that you’re using your space heater safely! Some mistakes to avoid include:

  • Don’t leave it turned on if you aren’t in the room
  • Leave a 3-foot radius around the unit to prevent fire hazards
  • Keep space heaters away from children

Electric Blanket

If your plans for the night revolve around sitting on a couch, then an electric blanket is the perfect heating solution. They’ll warm up quickly thanks to the soft blankety feel, but also the electric heat coming from it. They can customize the heat settings so that they’re not too hot or too cold under the blanket.

Before your always chilly friends come over, give us a call at Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Electric to make sure your heater is in working order!