Is Your Home Prepared for Rain?

You don’t want your home to be caught unprepared for the next rain or thunderstorm. Why not prep now? Just following a simple few steps can give you the peace of mind that your home is ready to withstand any storm. Just implement these simple tips!

#1: Clear Away that Gutter Gunk

Cleaning gutters and shoveling snow are some of the most frustrating but necessary household chores. Your gutters divert water from your roof, but if they’re filled with debris, it can actually put more pressure on your home as water builds up. It’s essential that you keep these clear.

If a rainstorm is just starting, take a look at your gutters before it worsens. A small bunch of leaves or sticks is more than enough to create a blockage that could end up causing water damage to your home.

#2: Check the Sump Pump

The sump pump is a vital part of your drainage system. It’s essentially the last line of defense from flooding. During rainstorms, it is especially important, and you don’t want it to fail.

So how can you tell if your sump pump is in good working order? Pour a few gallons of water directly into the sump pump. This will raise the float until the pump turns on. If it turns on, that’s great, but make sure the water actually does get drained away because the sound of the pump turning on may be deceiving.

#3: Make Sure Your Pipes are Working Well

Heavy rainfall can have a lot of unnoticed impact on your home’s plumbing. All of that water enters the soil, and as it drains can shift pipes beneath your home. Most of the time, this doesn’t cause major problems. However, if your pipes already have existing issues, you could end up with a very expensive problem.

Luckily, Anderson offers top of the line plumbing maintenance and repair services to give you the peace of mind that your pipes are leaking and damage-free. Give us a call at (334) 231-6980 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a visit!