Home Maintenance Steps You Shouldn’t Skip This Summer

Summer is the perfect season for backyard barbecues, bowling nights, and family vacations. We understand that your schedule may be packed to the brim with seasonal activities, but don’t forget to squeeze in some time dedicated to summer home maintenance.

Add These Maintenance Steps to Your To-Do List

Do you know the secret to keeping your home running smoothly all year? It’s seasonal maintenance! Think about it: your home is subjected to changing weather, foot traffic, and heavy use of fixtures all year long. Like any investment, taking the time to maintain your home will set it up for success in the long run.

Start With the Windows

What good is the gorgeous summer sun without maintained windows that will let the light in? Cleaning your windows is the first step on your summer home maintenance checklist. Grab some cool water, a bucket, liquid dish soap, microfiber cloths, white vinegar, and a spray bottle to get started.

  1. First, fill a bucket with cool to lukewarm water and add a few drops of your favorite dish soap.
  2. Use one of the microfiber cloths to clean the surface of your window. We recommend starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom. Make sure to clean the frame as well!
  3. Then, mix a solution of white vinegar and water and pour it into your spray bottle.
  4. Use another microfiber cloth to dry the window in a “Z’ like motion.
  5. If stubborn streaks or dirt remains, spray and dry again until it is removed.

Pro tip: Clean your windows on a cloudy or overcast day to avoid premature drying of the soapy water solution and pesky streaks on your windows.

After your windows are sparkling clean, check for any gaps around the frame. Fill any gaps with caulk to prevent any cool air from escaping your home.

Keep Your Cool

We use our air conditioners regularly, especially during the summer, so it’s not surprising that occasional repairs may be needed. It’s best to identify the issue and have it repaired before the real summer heat starts to set in to prevent an uncomfortable home. Not sure where to start? We can help! Your air conditioner may be in need of repair if you notice:

  • Blowing hot/no air
  • Strange smells or noises
  • Pooling water near the unit
  • Spiked energy bills

If you’ve noticed one or more of these warning signs, it’s time to call in professionals. Our team at Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Electric can quickly inspect your unit and diagnose the issue quickly. With our premium AC repair services, we’ll have your home feeling cool once again in no time!

Check the Sprinkler

There’s nothing like the freedom of running through the sprinklers in the summertime! Ensure your sprinklers are summer-ready by checking for any winter damage that may have occurred. Look for any broken sprinkler heads or cracked pipes. If you notice your sprinkler bubbling or bursting water, you’ll need a sprinkler head replacement.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

The final step of your summer home maintenance checklist is to show some love to your outdoor living space. Your outdoor space is sure to become a summer hotspot for get-togethers with friends and family dinners.

Start with the landscaping! Don’t be afraid to implement some fun and unique summer plants and greenery to give your home the perfect summer makeover. Then, powerwash the outdoor areas to rid your space of any dirt, dust, or grime.

Air Conditioning Experts in Demopolis

When the summer weather hits, trust our cooling experts to keep your home comfortable all season long. Call us today at (334) 231-6980 for more information.