Top Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures

Fact: A majority of homeowners make a conscious effort to conserve water in their homes. Although turning the water off while brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers are some excellent practices to implement, you can save even more water with these helpful plumbing fixtures.

Performance Showerheads

Typical showerheads use about 2.5 gallons of water per minute (GPM). Showerheads with a lower water flow can use around 2.5 or fewer GPM. The good news is that modern low-flow showerheads on the market offer the same excellent shower experience while using less H2O.

Many modern low-flow options feature a flow restrictor, which gives you the power to control the flow of water and its pressure. Although you may be hesitant to part ways with your old showerhead, upgrading to a low-flow option can help save water, money, and energy.

Efficient Toilets

If your current “throne” isn’t utilizing your water supply efficiently, you’re literally “flushing” money down the toilet. The average commode in most homes uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush, driving up your household’s H2O consumption. Not to worry, there are plenty of efficient water-saving toilets on the market that can replace your current porcelain throne. Homeowners can save thousands of gallons of water each year by investing in a high-efficiency or “low-flow” toilet.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifies toilets that utilize 1.28 or fewer gallons per flush as “WaterSense” toilets. When choosing your next toilet upgrade, keep an eye out for the WaterSense label for maximum water conservation and savings.

Premium Faucets

Faucets are one of the most frequently used fixtures in our homes. We utilize our faucets from the moment we wake up and wash our face, to multiple hand washings throughout the day, to our final nighttime beauty routines. With heavy usage on a daily basis, investing in a water-saving faucet can do a world of good for your water supply and your wallet.

Water-saving faucets can drop the gallons used per minute from the typical 2.2 GPM to around 1.5 GPM. Modern faucets can conserve a hefty amount of H2O without sacrificing good water pressure.

Plumbing Installation in Demopolis

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