Are Air Fresheners Harming Your Indoor Air Quality?

You arrive home from a long day at work, only to discover that an unpleasant stench is stemming from the kitchen. What’s your go-to solution? Many homeowners reach for an aerosol air freshener as a way to clear the air and cover the unpleasant smell.


From plug-ins and aerosols to timed fragrance dispensers, the fragrance industry has long capitalized on homeowners looking for a quick solution to mask stinky scents. While it may be convenient to pick these products up on your next trip to the grocery store, their chemical makeup can do more harm than good to your home’s air and your health.


What’s in Air Fresheners?

Today’s air fresheners may smell pleasant, but their ingredients can be incredibly harmful to inhale, especially on a regular basis. Many feature benzene or volatile organic compounds (VOCs)in their ingredient list to mask the unwelcomed smells in your home.


The consequences of exposure to these ingredients include headaches, asthma or respiratory condition flare ups, and long-term health issues. It’s essential to keep in mind that the most relaxing of aerosol scents might contain harmful chemicals! Don’t fall victim to every store-bought product labeled “natural ingredients,” stick to our air freshener alternatives for a cozy home with pristine indoor air quality.


What Are Some Alternatives?

Just because your air fresheners should be thrown to the side doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a stinky space! There are multiple indoor air quality solutions you can take advantage of to ensure clean, easy to breathe air for your household.


Stick to diffusing pure essential oils or create a simmer pot of cloves, cinnamon, orange, and lemon peels for a fresh scent that will reach every inch of your home. It also won’t harm your indoor air quality; talk about a win-win!

Professional Indoor Air Quality Solutions

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