Spotting Hidden Leaks in Your Home

Some leaks can be easily spotted thanks to a constant dripping of the faucet or the distant sound of running water when the tap is turned off. Other leaks may not be so easy to spot, but the longer they go unaddressed, the more significant water damage your home will suffer and the more significant spikes in your water bills.

It’s essential to be aware of the possibility of hidden leaks throughout your home’s plumbing system. While they may not be visible, there are some simple ways you can determine if something is amiss and leaking within your system. Keep reading to discover the best practices to follow to track down hidden plumbing leaks!

Thoroughly Inspect Your Home

The best way to track down hidden leaks is to go straight to the source: your plumbing system! It’s a good idea to perform occasional thorough walkthroughs of your home to ensure everything is operating correctly and you aren’t overlooking a potential leak. Check under sinks, around fixtures, and your toilets to make sure your home is 100% leak-free!

Watch Your Water Meter

Suppose your most recent water bill reflects an unexplainable spike in consumption for the past month. In that case, your home has likely fallen victim to a leak. Try the water meter method to receive the answers you need to determine if your home has a leak!

First, refrain from using water in your household for 30 minutes to an hour. After locating the shutoff valve near the water meter, turn off your water supply. Notate the current usage levels, and after the 30 minutes have passed, check to ensure that the water levels haven’t changed. If they’ve moved without any household water usage, your home has a plumbing leak!

Efficient Plumbing Services

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