Why Is My Phone Charger Buzzing?

Ever have that moment when you're charging your phone, and you hear a buzzing sound? It can be pretty alarming. But don't worry! We break down some reasons why your phone charger is suddenly making some odd sounds.

Quick Inspection

Check the plug on the charger. It's possible that your phone's charging port is fine, just a bad plug that needs to be replaced.

Look at the cord itself to see if there are any exposed wires, which could mean that it needs to be replaced. Sometimes the wires in cables can get damaged from usage over time.

Make sure the outlet you're using is working correctly by trying another appliance in it, like a lamp or hair dryer; if they don't turn on either, then it might be wrong with the wall outlet itself and not necessarily your charger or phone!

Charger cord

First, check the end of your charger cord. If it is frayed or broken, you will need to replace it. Next, check the plug on your phone charger and ensure it is secure in the wall socket. Sometimes a charging cable can bend near the USB connection leading to poor connections. Likewise, dropping your phone charger can damage pins leading to improper connections.

Make sure not to buy off-brand charging cables and adapters, as poor-quality parts can lead to poor connections with your devices. While you may save a few bucks, cheap charging appliances can draw insufficient power for your phones.

It can help to put a wire guard on your charging cables to reduce the wires from bending too much over time. Sometimes loose connections occur from the cable constantly bending where the charging tip is located. You can also opt for wireless charging bases to help reduce possible fraying.

Wall outlet

What if you managed to rule out a damaged charging cable and adapter? Sometimes, the buzzing sounds can signal that you need an electrical inspection. The buzzing sound could be nothing serious, as sometimes it can be an odd wire needing to be fixed, but sometimes it can be a severe underlying issue with your panel. So get professional help so this issue does not just get left on the back burner and potentially balloon into something catastrophic.

If this happens to you and/or your family members on different circuits, your home will likely have an electrical short somewhere. It could be anywhere from behind drywall or inside wall outlets, so call in a professional electrician for help investigating these issues further.

It’s important to note that a buzzing phone charger is not necessarily an indication of a problem. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry. When it comes to potential wiring problems or a short circuit, you do not want to leave these issues up to chance. Prolonged wiring or panel issues can lead to damaging your connected appliances as well as potential safety hazards.


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