Decorating for the Holidays? Here’s How to Do it Safely

With the holidays approaching, the decorating season is in full swing. As fun as decorating can be, there are also dangers. House fires and falls are more common than you think. Take precautions so that your family isn’t endangered! Here is our list of safety tips!

Don’t Decorate Alone

Decorating can be a fun family bonding experience for some, or it can be struggling to finish putting up lights at 11 pm when the rest of the family has given up to go to sleep. Even if you end up in the second scenario this year, don’t continue decorating alone!

Especially if you’re on a ladder, make sure you have someone there to hold it secure. A big fall from a ladder can do serious damage and it’s just not worth it. The decorating can wait until you have someone to help you be safe.

Electrical Safety Tips

Holiday lights are no fun unless they’re plugged in right? Well, don’t be too hasty and plug your lights into the nearest outlet. You can avoid overloading your outlets by separating high-wattage appliances. It might not be a bad idea to install surge protectors or additional outlets if you’re going to be using a lot of electricity for lights

Extension cords are great for avoiding overloading your outlets. Your cords should never feel hot to the touch, if they do, unplug them right away. Lastly, tape down your extension cords, so no one in your trips, or accidentally unplugs all your lights!

Christmas Tree Tips

If you are buying a Christmas Tree this year, follow these tips to avoid house fires. The National Fire Protection Agency estimates that U.S. Fire Departments respond to about 170 home fires that start from Christmas trees every year. The best way to avoid this is to buy an artificial, fire-resistant tree, but if you decide to go with the real thing we recommend that you:

  • Keep your tree away from heat sources and candles

  • Hydrate your tree by watering it often

  • Turn off your tree lights at night

Candle Safety

Candles are a big part of the holidays. Whether they’re for simple scents or your Hannukkah menorah, you need to keep in mind fire safety. Keep your candles out of reach of children and pets. Make sure they are placed on a non-flammable surface, such as glass. Don’t leave your candles unattended. It’s safer to extinguish all the open flames in your house before you leave or go to sleep. Additionally, battery-operated candles can be great substitutes for normal candles and carry a minimal risk of fire.

Follow these safety tips and your holiday decorations can be a source of joy for your family and not a hazard!

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