Tips for Enjoying the Winter Season

December has arrived, which means the cold weather is here to stay for a while. Whether you’re more of a summer person or a winter person, there are still plenty of ways to make the most of the winter weather.

Stay Cozy

Even with the furnace running on full blast, there’s always someone in the house who is still cold. If that’s you, don’t fear. There are plenty of other ways to stay warm and cozy this winter, even when the furnace isn’t meeting your needs.

Some of our favorite ways to stay cozy during winter include:

  • Snuggling up in your warmest and fuzziest blanket


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  • Putting on our favorite fuzzy socks

Christmas Socks

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  • Using a space heater when we absolutely must


(from amazon)

Sip Some Drinks

Another way to stay warm during the chill of winter is with some warm and festive beverages! There are plenty to choose from, and you can make them your own with little variations.

Hot Cocoa

Who doesn’t love a cup of warm hot cocoa, especially on Christmas morning? Adults can make this drink a bit more interesting with the addition of peppermint schnapps!

Hot Toddy

If you’re feeling a bit under the weather during the holiday season, then this drink is perfect for you! It’s a Scottish drink that originated in the 1700s, and many people drink them in order to soothe sore throats and open up sinuses!

Hot Tea

A classic beverage choice would be a cup of hot tea. You could even make it a little festive and set up a tea bar with different flavors that drinkers can mix and match and a kettle of hot water at the ready.

Chill Out

Another way to warm up this winter and to find ultimate relaxation is with a nice hot shower or bath. There is nothing better than coming inside from a cool winter day and jumping right into the hot water. However, make sure that if you’re taking a bath, you don’t use a bath bomb. The particles in bath bombs don’t always fully dissolve and can end up causing clogs in your shower drain.

A better alternative for a bath bomb would be using a liquid bubble bath! You won’t have to worry about any part of this dissolving since it’s already in liquid form. One of our favorite non-toxic bubble bath products is from The Honest Company; it’s great for kids and adults! If you make a mistake and aren’t sure where to turn next, don’t worry. Call a professional plumber right away, and they’ll be able to clean out your drain in no time.

There are so many ways to enjoy the winter season while staying cozy and warm. If you ever need help making this a reality, don’t hesitate to contact our team for plumbing, heating, or electric services. Everyone at Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Electric would be more than happy to help. Call us at (334) 231-6980 or visit our website for more details about our services.