Electrical Safety During The Holiday Season

When winter comes, it’s a good time for you to take some precautions regarding electrical safety, especially during the holiday season. We break down some quick tips to help you stay safe this season!

Fire Extinguishers

We advise you always to contact the fire department when a fire in your home breaks out and to inspect your electrical system to avoid electrical fires. However, having a fire extinguisher in your home is never a bad idea! Ensure your fire extinguisher is rated for electrical fires and has not expired. A fire extinguisher is inexpensive and can save your home from a small fire.

Battery Operated Candles

Battery-operated candles are a great alternative to the real deal. They can be left on for extended periods without worry, don't require an outlet, and will never go out because they're not plugged in! However, if you use a battery-operated candle, make sure it is placed on a non-flammable surface.

For added safety: Never plug more than one high-wattage appliance into a single outlet. If you want to use low-energy bulbs and your other appliances, purchase additional outlets, so there's enough power for everything.

Tree Safety Tips

You should always keep trees and other flammables from heat sources, including candles and artificial trees with lights.

When decorating your tree for the holidays, you want to be sure that all of your lights are safe. When choosing lights for your tree, ensure they have the correct wattage. Also, make sure the lights are made with flame-retardant material and have an automatic shutoff feature in case someone accidentally leaves them on overnight.

Space Heaters

Use space heaters only when you need them. When used correctly, a space heater will provide warmth without posing any safety risks. However, if left unattended or misused by children —especially around flammable material—they can cause fires and other injuries.

If possible, consider a different heating source, such as central air conditioning, rather than relying on space heaters alone; if not, make sure that each room has at least one smoke detector and that all family members know where it is located in case of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms (see below).

Never leave the room where your heater is operating unattended while sleeping at night; never place yourself near an active heater even if it's turned off; turn off portable electric heaters when not needed.

Smoke Detectors

As you know, smoke detectors are crucial to any home's fire safety plan. They should be installed in every room and tested to ensure they work properly. While most smoke detectors can be placed anywhere in the house, there are some important considerations based on location:

  • Smoke detectors should be installed on every level of your home and near bedrooms (within 10 feet).

  • Avoid installing them near sources of moisture like bathrooms or kitchens. Moisture can lead to corrosion of electrical connections and cause fire alarm failure in these areas.

  • Check the device power supply periodically to ensure the device is still functioning correctly.

Outlet Safety

Make sure to use only one high-wattage appliance in a single outlet. That means no space heaters, curling irons, and other large appliances plugged into the same socket.

If you’re using a surge protector, make sure it is plugged directly into the wall outlet (not an extension cord) and is turned off while not in use. Remember to keep cords away from high-traffic areas where people may trip over them.

When using an extension cord, choose one whose length can be adjusted to avoid tripping hazards or having too much slack hanging from the outlet. Ensure all plugs are fully inserted into their sockets when connecting them so they don’t come loose through wear and tear over time—or worse yet, spark an electrical fire!

Extension Cord Tip

Extension cords should be used only for temporary purposes and not as a replacement for permanent wiring. They can quickly overheat, causing fires.

Do not run extension cords under rugs, and avoid coiling up an extension cord in tight loops, as this causes kinks that can damage the wiring.

This holiday season, Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Electric has got you covered on electrical repairs, so give us a call today at (334) 231-6980!