Why Does My Toilet Clog Constantly, Even When Empty?

Some days, you may find your toilet clogged for no apparent reason. It can be frustrating to have this happen, and we break down the common sources of these clogs.

Toilet Trap Clogs

A toilet trap is a small pipe that runs into the wall. It is designed to stop sewer gases from escaping into your home, and it can sometimes get clogged if you have too much paper or other debris in your toilet tank.

To unclog the trap, use a plunger to loosen all of the material in the pipe. If this doesn't work, try using an auger with an extension rod to push out any remaining debris from inside of it. The best solution? Call our plumbers because you don’t want to stick any old metal down your pipes and run the risk of pushing a clog further down your pipes by accident.

Sewer Line Clogs

A sewer line clog results from a buildup of waste and other debris in your plumbing system. This type of clog can be caused by anything from toilet paper to food scraps, but it's usually caused by grease getting into the pipes and solidifying over time. If you've noticed that your toilet is constantly backed up even when it's not being used, you might have a sewer line clog.

To fix this problem, you'll need to open up your home’s plumbing system and remove whatever has built up inside it. You may also need to replace damaged parts, such as P-traps or drain lines, before they start causing problems again.

You should also try cleaning out filters or screens restricting water flow into or out of your drains.

Flushing Non-Flushable Materials

The next time you're in a bathroom and have to throw something down the toilet, ask yourself: am I flushing a non-flushable material? If so, don't.

Non-flushable materials are things like kitty litter (which clogs toilets), disposable diapers (which clogs toilets), and tampons (which don't break down easily in water). Toilets should only be used for human waste and toilet paper—not for other things that aren't supposed to go into the sewer system. Some items can be flushed safely if wrapped in two or three sheets of toilet paper beforehand, but this is not always effective at preventing clogs from forming.

Flushable Materials Still Clog Your Toilet

Toilet paper is made of wood pulp or recycled fibers; however, there is a limit to the degradable quality of toilet paper in large quantities. When it comes to flushing toilet paper down pipes try to be careful. Too much toilet paper down your pipes at once can quickly build a clog due to the absorbent quality of the paper. Paper-based clogs can break down over time, however, too much paper can quickly wad up needing professional removal.

Mineral Buildup In The Toilet

If you have hard water and use a lot of it (you don't drink the stuff, do you?), mineral buildup in the toilet can be a significant problem.

If your toilet is constantly clogging up, even when empty, it may be because of minerals from hard water depositing themselves on the inside of your pipes.

Mineral buildup can happen over time and cause severe problems for homeowners who live in areas with hard water. Mineral deposits build up not only on toilets but also on sinks and shower heads.

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